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Wine and Wine Cocktails for Hot Texas Days

White wines often take a back seat to their more popular red counterparts, but Summer is the perfect time to give white wine a try! In this blog, we shed light on wines and wine cocktails that deserve love on hot summer days, especially in Texas.

Rosé on a picnic blanket with chocolate, a book, and fresh fruit

Wine enthusiasts who dare to explore beyond the conventional will discover hidden gems that offer unique flavors and exquisite experiences.

Vinho Verde: A Pocket-Friendly Portuguese Gem

Let's kick things off with a true summer steal—Vinho Verde. This Portuguese white wine is a budget-friendly delight that's making waves for all the right reasons. With a price tag that won't break the bank, Vinho Verde offers a unique touch of natural effervescence, giving it a subtle fizzy charm. It's like a playful dance on your palate, leaving you refreshed and invigorated. The crisp, clean flavors make it a fantastic companion for a variety of dishes. From zesty fish tacos to refreshing salads and even delicate sushi, Vinho Verde has your summer culinary cravings covered. Don't be surprised if this becomes your go-to sip for the season—it's a treasure waiting to be discovered.

Malagousia: Greek Elegance with a Twist

Transport yourself to the sun-kissed shores of Greece with a glass of Malagousia. This Greek white wine boasts a unique personality, combining the best of viognier and chardonnay. Imagine the lusciousness of peaches and the zing of lime intertwined with hints of lemon oil—it's a sensory journey worth embarking on. While Malagousia might have a slightly higher price point, it's well worth the investment. With bottles that are easy on the wallet and rich on the palate, this wine is perfect for those seeking a touch of sophistication without breaking the bank.

Vermentino: An Italian Adventure in Acidity

For those who crave a wine with a vibrant burst of acidity, Vermentino is here to captivate your taste buds. Hailing from Italy, this white wine offers a zesty twist that's perfect for pairing with grilled chicken and fish. If you lean towards an unoaked style, you're in for a treat—Vermentino's refreshing profile is all about letting the natural flavors shine through. With each sip, you'll be transported to the Mediterranean coastline, where every glass feels like a mini vacation.

Wet Willie: A Splash of Summer

Name by Bryn’s husband TJ, the Wet Willie is the ultimate signature cocktail for poolside parties. It's a sweet, fruity symphony that's bound to keep the summer vibes flowing.

S+V Crew in the pool


1 bottle Moscato

1 cup peach schnapps

1 cup pineapple juice

1 cup simple syrup

Fresh fruit

Combine the above ingredients in a pitcher and refrigerate for an hour or more. Fill a cup of ice. Fill halfway with the sangria mixture above, and fill the remaining glass with champagne/sparkling white wine.

From the crisp allure of Vinho Verde to the elegance of Malagousia and the zesty Vermentino, your taste buds are in for a treat. Cheers, to hot Texas days (and nights) filled with delicious sips, cherished moments, and endless sunshine!

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